Terms And Conditions

Followings are all the essential ‘Terms and Conditions’ of Haarway, which has carved a niche for itself as one of the top business listing portals of the United States. The following Terms and Conditions shed a light on certain facts that include the way Haarway Business works, the laws it’s bound to oblige, the business ethics it abides by, etc. A thorough understanding of these Terms and Conditions will help you discover how Haarway deals with its business clients.

If you are looking to list your business on Haarway’s listing portal, thereby taking it to a new stature of growth, you should read out each of these agreements carefully as these have highlighted almost all the respective legal obligations and rights of Haarway Business. If you choose to list your business on Haarway, it would automatically hint at your wholehearted acceptance of Haarway’s legal Terms of Use.
Also, bear the fact in mind that when you count on Haarway, your business agreements will automatically come under the sway of its legal obligations. So, rely on this platform only if you agree with its Terms and Conditions. The following agreement will constitute the whole legal agreement between Haarway and its business clients’ usage of this platform’s services.
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Terms Related to OperativeProvisions

Under these conditions, different terms have distinctive significances. For example, Advertising Policy indicates the document located at https://business.haarway.us/ as differed from time to time.
The term Advertisement refers to any ad or promotional post used for the purpose of publication on Haarway.com. On the other hand, Advertisement Order hints at an electronic communication, web-page or document that you submit to Haarway Business, under which you agree to subscribe to single/multiple services from it. The word ‘Agreement’ refers to an agreement between different parties, which are set out in the Order Confirmation. The term ‘Astroturfing’ indicates the deceptive or mal-practices of offering a coordinated business campaign in the form of any unsolicited comment, etc.
The word “Business Days” refers to any day, except any Saturday or Sunday. “Business Details” indicate the nitty-gritty related to your business. This might include some information including, the name of your business, the address details of your organization, your contact number, and the likes.
The term “Charges” refers to the charge that we might ask for performing different services that include on the Fixed Terms, Monthly Rolling Term, Fixed Fees, Pay for Performance, and the likes. On the other hand, the word “Claims” indicates at any kind of claim, which may include filed proceedings, threatened proceedings, demands, awards, fines, penalties i.e. liabilities, causes of action, damages, and the likes.

The term “Click” refers to the actions of going by a Hyperlink on a promotional post or advertisement to any other site or any other web page. The term “Click fraud” refers to different deceptive practices, which aims at generating different clicks as the integral parts of any coordinated marketing campaign, advertising effort, etc. by emulating any legitimate web browser user or even copying genuine clicks right from such legitimate users.
The term “Confirmation order” refers to any web page, document, electronic communication, etc. that Haarway might send to you, however except in certain cases of any kind of agreement, that’s been formed and described under the rules of Haarway’s prominence adverts services.
The word “Order confirmation” refers to a document, website page, electronic communication, etc. that we might share with you. However, we may send to you such stuffs except in the situation of any kind agreement, which has been formed and set out under the prominence adverts service terms of Haarway. The word “CONC” indicates at the customer credit sourcebooks of the financial conduct authorities.
The term “Content” refers to any piece of write-up, ad materials, design elements, etc., which help in forming ads, promotional posts i.e. layouts, images, animation clips, audio clips, videos, links, etc. The word “Cost” indicates at any kind of expenses, cost, disbursement, etc. i.e. adverse expense orders, judgment debts, penalties, settlement sums, administrative expenditures, etc. for an equitable relief.
The word “Created content” refers to any piece of content, which has been built or delivered by Haarway as an integral part of our service provisions. The term “Credit agreement” refers to a credit agreement, that has been regulated by the Customer Credit Act. This will help in inculcating an account credit facility for financing different services you decide to purchase.
The term “Direction debit” indicates at the payment arrangement, which involves in the automated bank, that transfers on the agreed dates or months from your self-nominated bank account right to our own nominated bank account. 

The word “Effective date” indicates at the order confirmation date. The term “External elements” indicates at the design elements, functionalities, etc. provided to us by any third party. Such third parties might have been made available to Haarway’s business users as integral parts of any kind of services.
The term “Fair usage” indicates at our obligations for making amendments to your promotional posts, ads, etc. like changes/edits in wordings, graphical adjustments, etc. All this should be subjected to our own right of refusing to make any such amendment where the frequency or extent of amendments would be acknowledged by us as in our right to be excessive or detrimental to other consumers.
The term “Fixed fees” indicates at the payment of any kind of agreed amount, which has been specified on an order of advertisement, which could be paid either in parts or fully.
The term “Fixed term” refers to a term of any finite time duration, which has been specified on an ad order for any particular service either as a particular time period between an End date and identifiable beginning.

The word “Force Majeure Event” indicates at any kind of situation or reason, which is beyond the reasonable control of a party, including civil disorders, example insurrection, military authorities, governmental authorities, civil unrests, general power outrage, changes in regulatory environment, acts of third party, etc.
The term ‘Free listing’ refers to any unpaid single-line entries such as your business name, contact number, address, etc. These details should be included in the electronic database of different ads, promotional posts, etc. of Haarway. All this might get published in the form of print on Haarway.com and several other databases with different third parties.
The word ‘Free Services’ refers to all the services offered with a zero charge. The word “Good industry practice” refers to the practices, standards, methods, and diligence, judgment, etc., which might have a sustainable resemblance with different services, as well as, circumstances. The term “Impressions” refers to the number of time or how frequently your ads are presented to your intended audiences.
The term “Initial Period” refers to the initial terms, that are specified on multiple ad orders related to service. With the word “Interest Rate,” Haarway denotes the official rate of bank, that has been published by the bank of the United Statesas the very first day of the current month.

The word “Monthly rolling term” indicates at the services, which may continue for the initial phase and afterwards on monthly basis, until or unless it’s getting terminated with the agreement. The word “Pay for performance” refers to the application or usage of different charges, which are based upon the accomplishment of performance metrics, which are clearly specified and set out in different applicable service rules.
The word “Profile page” refers to a web-page on Haarway, that might include the logo of your business, business descriptions, call-to-action, etc. The term “Review period” indicates at the total number of business days, which you may take to prepare reviews or feedbacks on an advertisement’s developmental versions, mentioned and explained in the applicable rules of our services. The term “Service rule” refers to all the terms, as well as, conditions, which could be applied to the specified services, products, etc. as explained on our conditions.

The word “Third party data” refers to the data, obtained by Haarway, for using under our license from any third party company. This might be used for the purpose of assisting in the service provisions, that might be displayed to different users in relation to several other materials, which are related to you including your cartographic data utilized for displaying the geographical maps, street camera images, 3D city models, and more. The term “Trial services” refers to any service, which Haarway offers you at a trial basis. The word “User” indicates at a person, who should use a website or couple of other publication channels where  promotional posts, ads, etc. are displayed, distributed or syndicated.

The “User generated content” indicates at the content built, transferred through or otherwise communicated by customers interacting with a site, besides incorporating forum posts, feedbacks, comments, reviews, ratings, queries, private messages, etc., which might be sent or submitted on a site in relation with your business, products or services. “Haarway Account” or “Haarway Direct Account” indicates at an account, which would help in using or accessing Haarway’s Internet-based account facilities, which are accessed through log-in functionalities.

Terms Pertaining to Responsibilities

Here at Haarway, we shall ensure our digital listing portal, as well as, services are always available to each and every local business-owner. Before you decide to trust us, you must keep in mind that we shall conduct our services and offerings in the confirmation of multiple orders, keeping in sync with the basic and most fundamental industry practices. Now, let’s shed light on all the responsibilities, which our business customers are bound to stick by.
You must be aware of the fact that as or when you list your business with us, you would be bound to provide us with those contents that are required from you to perform different services. The provision of any service pertaining to any advertisement or promotional post displayed, distributed or syndicated through your E-commerce site, you will grant Haarway the right of accessing, storing, copying, compiling or re-compiling your E-commerce website. Also, we shall own the right of accessing, storing, copying, compiling or re-compiling the contents comprised in the website. 
Before listing your business with us, keep in mind that if any of your conducts, activities, promotion or advertisement fall under our Financial Services Regulatory Regimen, you shall have to complete or sign a CFSA Customer Declaration.

Terms Related to Content Related Issues and the Likes

Haarway shall always own the right of declining, suspending or ceasing to publish any kind of advertisement or promotional post, or put a suspension on any service, either immediately or without sending any prior notice especially in case of an advertisement which does not come with a genuine or proper trading address. We may do this in case of an advertisement, which includes any competition, that happens to be in breach of relevant trading, advertisement or customer protection laws, standards or regulations.
Also, you should be aware of the fact that we may suspend, decline or crease your  business advertisement if it includes any personal data, which is subjected without any clear lawful basis to process under the Data Protection Legislation. We are rightful to cease or suspend a business ad where the data or its core subjects are lodging any complaint about our privacy rights.

Terms Pertaining to Review Process/Amendments to Ads & Promotional Contents

As or when your business ads or other promotional contents related to your services get ready, Haarway will keep you updated, and the advertisements would be available to you for the review purpose, etc. While reviewing your promotional contents or ads, you may send us a plea requesting for amendments to us.
In case, at the end of a review phase, you don’t provide any kind of feedback or input, the current version of ad would be automatically considered as APPROVED. And, subsequently, it will be published on the applicable service rules. However, you cannot hold us responsible or accountable for the failure to nay plea of your promotional ad or post, which is indecipherable, garbled or unclear, or which has not been obtained by Haarway in writing by means of your Haarway Business account.

Terms Related to Business Profile on Haarway

If you are looking to list your business with Haarway, you should keep this fact in mind that the image of your business profile should only show up on the premises, services, products, trade association logos, etc. of your business, where your brand is an integral part of that particular association. Also, your business has to be in compliance with all the rules and regulations of the association. Always remember that it’s you who is and shall always be accountable for uploading profile image online at Haarway.com. All the links to any external website incorporated on the Profile page should be live or must own a premium quality holding page. Also, these links should enable users to get back to Haarway.com just by clicking on the “Back” buttons from their browsers. Always keep in mind that the logo or official emblem of your brand must be correct and 100% accurate to your services or products.

Permissions We Look For

If you are planning to list your business with Haarway, you should always be aware of the fact that you should acknowledge that your personal data along with all the other data would be processed by us. For the purpose of marketing your brand, we may contact you.

Also, as or when you use or get an access to any part of our Email or messages, you would invariably agree to our right to monitor or track the Emails received by you using this or some other functionalities offered by us. This will help us in personalizing our features and functionalities besides being able to upgrade our services.
Here at Haarway, we have zero obligation of verifying anyone’s identity when he/she interacts with us through these contact details. Until or unless, you ask us otherwise, we shall issue all account interactions to your Haarway account. You must be aware of the fact that you shall be accountable of checking your invoices and accessing your Haarway account thoroughly.
Unless or otherwise specified in the complaint you consider that Haarway has the right of disclosing your contact details, identity, etc. to those, who are responsible for any item of the user-generated contents.

Terms Related to Limitation of Liability

You should always keep in mind that nothing in this following agreement can restrict the liability of either party for the demise or any other personal injury caused by the negligence of any party, fraudulent misrepresentations, or different liability that won’t be limited or excluded by the applicable law.
Here at Haarway, we shall never be liable or accountable for any kind of indirect, consequential, punitive, exemplary or incidental damages. You cannot hold us responsible for any kind of damage pertaining to any kind of lost data, lost profits, lost opportunities, business interruption, etc.

In case, you hold us accountable for any error or omission in any ad or promotional post, we will rectify the omission or errors as soon as possible. We would have no further accountability in respect of any omission or error in an ad, due to which, we remain accountable, and you hold or release us harmless from any kind of claims arising thereby.

Terms Pertaining to Intellectual Property Rights

Prior to listing your business with Haarway, you should keep one fact in mind that you have no rights of using any piece of content, software or process, which are identifiable  or available on Haarway.com due to any derivative or commercial objectives. However, this rule could be bent if you have received our express written agreement.
There are some rights, which will allow you to link your ad or other promotional contents to some other materials. For instance, the constant usage of your content beyond the terms and conditions of the business agreement won’t constitute a PR infringement or a contract breach, where such usages will arise as a consequence of our usage of stuffs bearing the advertisement.
Here at Haarway, we shall own the right of collecting data about your usage of different services as well as your clients’ interaction with the services where we amalgamate this information with the similar data gathered from many other users of our portal or services.

Terms Related to Domain Registration

The term ‘Domain Name Registration’ refers to a service whereby we can work as your agent for registering a domain name right on your behalf. The word “Register” refers to the central register for different domain names within the best level domain. The term “Register” could also indicate the person, who is responsible for keeping up with a register of a business domain name.
Haarway will try but not to ensure or secure any kind of registration in your name of your domain preference in the order of choices mentioned in your order of advertisement. Also, we shall try to, but not ensure to, make any kind of payment to an appropriate registration fee. We shall arrange for the registrar in a bid to process the application for registering the domain name subject to a registrar’s conditions, terms, policies, eligibility, etc. applicable to the domain name which is registered already.

We shall keep you updated about the register, through which, the name of your business domain has got registered. In case, Haarway is loses the ability of registering any of your domain choices as mentioned on your Ad Order, we would automatically suggest you, and neither party would have any further liability or responsibility of any other domain name registration. Also, you would never be liable or accountable for paying us any kind of charge. Also, we won’t have any further obligation or liability to you.
You might give in or even cancel the registration of a domain name as per the process of a relevant registrar. Also, we will have no accountability in regards to your usages of a business domain name. In case, any kind of dispute crops up between you or any third party, Haarway might withhold, cancel or even suspend the domain name registration. Here at Haarway, we might make representations to the relevant and verified registrar but won’t be needed for partaking or defending you in any such danger or disputes.

Before you get your business listed with Haarway, you must ensure that neither your domain name’s registration nor the way the domain name is used would infringe our IPRs or any other third party. For instance, you must not incorporate the trademark of Haarway in the name of your domain.

Terms Related to Free Listings and the Likes

Before you list your business with Haarway and move any further, you should get acquainted with certain definitions in the first place. The word ‘FREE LISTING’ refers to the services, through which, Haarway publishes every detail of a business on Haarway.com without taking any charge.
You must be aware of the fact that at our discretion on words such as “As Available” or “As Is,” we might provide you with completely cost-free listing. A cost-free listing needs to be acknowledged as an ad or free service/s. On the other hand, your FREE LISTING might get replaced by “Paid Advertisement.” Here at Haarway, we might terminate a FREE LISTING sans any kind of liability to you at any point of time, for zero reason, immediately or sans the need of sending any prior notice to you. You might ask for the removal or termination of your FREE business listing at any point in time giving you a notice of just 14 days.

Terms for Promotion and Marketing

There are a bunch of terms and conditions that you must get acquainted with if you are looking to list your business with us. For example, you should be aware of the fact that we won’t be held liable or responsible for any kind of costs, howsoever it’s arising.
The benefits related to a business promotion can neither be used nor claimed in relation to any other promotional activities. Also, the promotional benefits are not transferable. There would be no substitute to cash as well. However, the promotional benefits could be considered fortified where you haven’t claimed any perks of promotion within a span of at least 30 days, or where Haarway has not been able to connect to you by any reasonable efforts. 

Terms of Forging Connection

Here at Haarway, we shall aid you in building your business profile pages online besides enabling you to exhibit the key enterprise information of your business across the top-notch websites of the United States. We shall be committed to supporting and guiding you in setting up the profile pages of your business. We shall keep a tab on its design, layout, etc. besides taking care of its administration and publication parts.

Before you go ahead and list your business with Haarway, you must be aware of the fact that the publication of your business address is not a mandate. Where you don’t offer a full address for the publication of your business might not appear on the same End Destinations. If you are not offering a complete address for publication, or you don’t consider the publication of your business address, the End Destination might receive or publish your address from different sources. Here at Haarway, we shall strive to provide you with an access to your business profile within a span of 48 hours of your order confirmation.
Before you get your business listed with us at Haarway, you must be aware of the fact that you should authorize us for sending your enterprise details to the End Destinations or publish the business particulars internationally, and, without any restriction. However, the ranking of your Business Profile in the SERP would depend on a multitude of factors outside your control like the search engine algorithms, SEO activities of your rival business-owners, and more. While our SEO methodologies ascertain that the profile of your business could be read and recognized by search engines, we never assure any kind of ranking on End Destination.

Terms Pertaining to Messaging

Before you march ahead and dig deeper into the terms related to Haarway messaging, you should get acquainted with certain definitions in the first place. The word “Apple business chat” refers to the services, functions, programs, and different materials of Apple Business Chat, which would be made available to you with the aid of Haarway. It might include different updates, which might be offered to you with the aid of Apple.

The word “Apple business register” refers to the Apple website, that comprises different services pertaining to Apple. The term “Apple services” refers to different features, integrations, services, programs, products, etc., which might be provided by Apple or made available by it. The term “Consumers” indicate at the consumers of different businesses. The consumers or customers are the pivotal users, when it comes to striking a conversation through messages, phone call, E-mails, and the likes. The word “MSP” indicates at the Messaging Service Provider – a system – which is known for facilitating the exchanges of business chats of Apple. The term “Message” refers to a message, which has been received or delivered by you through Haarway’s messaging options. The word “Update” indicates at the bug fixes, upgrades, updates, supplements, modifications, etc. of any part of the business chats of Apple. There are certain capitalized words in the rules of these messaging services. As or when you decide to list your business with Haarway, you should know that such capitalized words found in such messaging service rules might have the similar meaning or significance as explained in our conditions.
The agreement might get binding upon the way you accept the messaging service rules of Haarway.  Until it’s already terminated in relation to the above-mentioned conditions, this agreement would be continued automatically, unless you decide to cease it using Haarway’s messaging. In case, you take the decision of ceasing it with the usage of Haarway messaging, but you again look forward to using it again, then the requirement for a brand-new agreement might be step in.

However, for the purpose of these conditions, applied by Haarway messaging would be a Beta service until or unless is specified any other way. Prior to listing your business with Haarway, you should be acquainted with the fact that here at Haarway, we shall our best to make Haarway messaging available for you. But, we would not be accountable or responsible for any kind of unavailability. When you gain eligibility, the Haarway messaging would be available for you through the Haarway for business application.
In case, you receive any message, which according to your belief,  fails to be in compliance with the requisites that are set out in Haarway’s terms and conditions, then you can inform us at an instant. Understanding the issue, we shall thoroughly review the messages, thereby taking the necessary action. To Haarway, the significance of consumer experience is extremely paramount. This is the reason why, while building your Haarway messaging account, you shall be required choosing a particular message response service. In case, you cease in responding to any message from a customer within the given service level, Haarway might pass that to someone from our consumers to revert to that customer-in-concern. We might make amendments for the services, which are available in the Haarway business application at any point in time.

Here at Haarway, we shall make partnership with an approved MSP for providing messages with ease. As an integral part of Haarway messaging, you might get a permitted access to the business chats of Apple. Upon accessing the business chats of Apple, you would automatically agree to get bound by the terms of usage by Apple business register. Prior to listing your business with Haarway, you must acknowledge the fact that we have a zero control over the business register terms of Apple. Also, you have got to hold Haarway absolutely harmless against any kind of claim or issue cropping up in certain situations, in which, we are undertaking the necessary actions to administrate or provide business chats of Apple. Haarway holds the right of suspending, but not offering any kind of Haarway messages to you, in its discretion. As or when we decide to cease or suspend your access to Haarway messaging, you should refrain from creating another account sans our consent or permission.
In a nutshell, you use Haarway messaging at completely your personal risk.